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Delivering Exceptional Customer Experience - A Competitive Advantage for the Digital Economy

Today’s reality is that customer expectations have forced incredibly high rates of change and unprecedented levels of complexity that simply can’t be managed successfully, using yesterday’s approach. Keeping pace requires more than just making existing work more efficient. You need tools and practices to streamline and improve development, build and release processes, and then automate everything.

To compete successfully and thrive today, enterprises across every industry need to transform. This process is not just about incremental improvement, but about evolving core businesses to meet the demands of today’s connected world. To accelerate this digital transformation, organizations need to bring systems together, secure these integrations, deliver better customer experiences faster and capitalize on new opportunities triggered by this connected world.

Customer experience is the prime differentiator in business today. The quality of the user experience can be the measure of IT effectiveness. And success is dependent upon a company’s ability to obtain the right insights to drive that amazing experience. However, volume, velocity and variety of data ultimately limit the ability to derive meaningful insights. This is especially challenging when teams and tools are organized by silos. Full insight requires visibility across apps, infrastructure and networks—with analytics managing all the data to deliver those meaningful insights.

Who Should Attend

  • CEOs, CIOs, COOs, CTOs, Chief Innovation Officers, IT Strategists
  • Heads of Digital Strategy and e-Channels Development, IT Managers
  • CISOs, CSOs
  • Chief Digital Transformation Officers

Industries Represented

  • Banking and Financial Services Providers, Insurance and Pension Funds
  • Energy and Utilities
  • Government and Public Sector
  • Telecommunications